We Provide Electrical Inspections in Grande Prairie

Jump Electrical is proud to provide electrical inspection services to the Grande Prairie area. We will conduct an exhaustive evaluation and testing of the electrical systems in your home or office, including wiring, to ensure that all components are in compliance with the applicable code.

Why get an Electrical Inspection in Grande Prairie?

If your home or business is not in compliance with electrical code, you could be endangering your family or employees. Further, any non-compliant or defective components or wiring left unaddressed can lead to expensive future damages to the building or home. If you have been notified about non-compliant parts or systems, and they remain noncompliant with the Canadian Electrical Code, you may also be subject to sanctions, including fines or the shuttering of your building until compliance is met.

An electrical inspection may also provide recommendations to upgrade certain components for improved performance. All of our team members are certified electrician installers. If you choose to proceed with a recommendation made by our certified electrician, you can rest assured you are receiving top quality work.

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Services we Provide

Jump Electrical services cover both residential and commercial buildings. Our team of certified electricians will provide top-quality electrical inspection services that cover the following:

  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Residential electrical safety inspections
  • Older home electrical inspection and upgrades
  • Wall and switch outlet operation and condition
  • Electrical panel inspection for amperage and operations
  • Safe operation of electrical equipment and devices
  • Identification and recommendation of outdated wiring
  • Insurance risk assessment requirements
  • Commercial electrical safety in sections
  • Electrical code correction
  • Electrical code primary breaker box inspection
  • Inspection and services for all electrical wiring compliance
  • Commercial standard electrical inspection to certify electrical code compliance.

If you are not familiar with the Canadian Electrical Code, or if you are not sure how to best interpret the code and apply it to your project, our team of certified electricians ready to help you.

Regardless of the extent and type of electrical inspection you desire, Jump Electrical guarantees professional, quality, and polite service.

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