We Install LED Lights in Grande Prairie

LED Lighting in Grande Prairie affects more than the visibility of items in a room; it also alters the atmosphere and ambiance. Whether you are looking to create a warm, cozy atmosphere, or extremely bright-lighted business attitude, the appropriate LED lighting makes a statement. Jump Electrical will make sure the lighting in your home and building gives the right statement.

Why use LED Lighting in Grande Prairie?

For all of our clients, we recommend LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. LED lighting are lighting products that produce light 90% more productively than incandescent light bulbs. A diode is an electrical piece that contains two electrodes that allow electricity to pass.

The problem with Incandescent light bulbs

Consist of a tungsten filament that is enclosed by glass. When an electric current passes through the filament, the bulb is heated to an extreme temperature where light can be produced. The glass enclosure protects the filament from evaporating. About 95% of the electricity in the filament inside an incandescent light bulb is lost as heat.

Benefits of LED Lights

Electric current passes through a microchip that reflects the light. Led lights are preferred over incandescent light bulbs because LED light products do not burn out or fail; however, they do go through lumen depreciation, or slowly dim over time and extensive use. LED light products can be customized to a variety of colors including amber, red, green, and blue. LED light products project light in a particular direction, and are, therefore, more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs.

Grande Prairie LED Lights
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Note not to confuse or mix up LED light products with IRED (Infrared Emitting Dioide) products that emit IR energy rather than light when an electrical current is passed through.

Your upgrades may even include the installation of modern controlled lighting switches or remotes, kitchen lighting, landscape lighting, under cabinet lighting, LED retrofit pot-lights, LED lighting upgrades, LED office lighting, bathroom lighting, exterior lighting, motion sensor and security lighting, three-way and four-way switches, occupancy sensors, and timers. Jump Electrical’s team of certified electricians in Grande Prairie are ready to help you with whatever your light project needs. Contact us today so we can upgrade you!

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